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“I’ve worked closely with Bob Malekoff over the last 15 years regarding the benefits and challenges related to intercollegiate athletics. He has emerged as a definitive voice regarding the successful integration of athletics programs into the broader academic community, consistent with the fundamental values of higher education.”

​​Dan Dutcher, NCAA Vice President for Division III

“We had the chance to engage Dr. Popp and his research team a few years back to do some analysis for The Valley.  Their work was truly excellent and they helped to focus our marketing strategies and strengthen our sponsorship base.  They provided our administrators and sponsors exactly what we were looking for.”

Doug Elgin, Commissioner, Missouri Valley Conference

"What an honor and privilege it was to work with Coyte Cooper on the development of the wrestling coaches’ marketing manual! From his tireless work to his ingenuity, Coyte was a dedicated professional who lead the efforts to create an impactful tool for our membership. Coyte often discusses one’s brand and he exemplifies and models what he says by his own personal brand, which includes passion, vision, energy and excitement!"

Jeff Jarnecke, Director, NCAA Championships and Alliances


“Debby has always been committed to the positive experience for big-time college athletes. As a former ACC athlete, coach, and advisor, she has the experience and insight to ask the right questions. She remains close to the student-athlete experience, which is invaluable to credible and timely research in college sport. I always enjoy our work together on the planning and execution of major college football games.” 

Michael Kelly, CEO of the The College Football Playoff and former Senior Associate Commissioner of Football for the Atlantic Coast Conference 


"Bob Malekoff is widely recognized for his leadership in intercollegiate athletic issues. His outstanding, even handed work with a wide range of national athletic and faculty groups over several decades has enabled him to be involved in the national conversation on college sports at the highest levels. Professor Malekoff is one of the very few people nationally respected by all sides of the athletic debate, and his presence in UNC’s new Center of Excellence in Intercollegiate Athletics will greatly enhance the center’s local, regional and national reputation."

Nathan Tublitz, Co-Chair, Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, Professor of Biology, University of Oregon


"Bob Malekoff brings a distinctive set of athletic experiences and scholarly perspectives to the work of the Center for Research in Intercollegiate Athletics.  As a former coach and athletics director, Bob had served as a consultant for William G. Bowen and Sarah Levin’s seminal study, Reclaiming the Game.  He joined the College Sports Project’s leadership team of college presidents, athletics directors, and foundation officers and emerged as one of its most thoughtful, eloquent, and innovative contributors. The common denominator in all his activities is a laser-like focus on students’ educational outcomes and experiences.  This broad expansive interest in the undergraduate experience will greatly inform the work of the Center for Research in Intercollegiate Athletics."

Eugene M. Tobin, Program Officer, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


"In my time as a Division I athletic director, I had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Popp and become familiar with his work. Nels really understands a lot of the key issues within college athletics and can offer great insight for collegiate administrators seeking more research and analysis on some of today’s most pressing issues."

Gary Friedman, General Manager Learfield Sports - KFC Yum! Center Properties

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